The old site went AWOL

Hi fellow emulation enthusiasts,

the old emulation-evolved site had to go to the trash. Expect old and new content in the next couple of days.


— MK2k

4 replies on “The old site went AWOL”

I was directed here to download your project J2K, but there doesn’t seem to be a download page. This wouldn’t be so bad except that the older versions of J2K have been struck from the previous download repositories.

This is correct, this is the home of J2K, it will all be up in the next days. I had to throw away the old site. Sorry for any trouble!


I was wondering if you still host copies of Hyperspin Rom Manager — yours was the easiest and best manager I know of, and I didn’t realize there were newer versions than 1.0. Can you help a guy out with a bunch of horrific sets to manage?

Hey, it’s been weeks. We’re waiting for the good ol’ j2k.exe thing that was purely minimalistic but working flawlessly. I’ve been searching all around the web but all mirrors seems to be down. Please get the classic stand-alone utility back. You have a great fanbase here.

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