21 thoughts on “Old Downloads while you wait”

  1. Gens+ REWiND is a good emulator, but I can’t download it from Windows Store… Can you put it on Windows Sotre???

  2. Hi!

    J2K is very good tool, however I’ve noticed it always consumes 2% – 10% of CPU. Isn’t it too much?

    1. Hi Dmitry,

      thanks for your feedback. The CPU consumption will be taken care of in the next update.

  3. Nice. It seems to have some issues with my hardware in fullscreen mode (It stretches the image twice vertically, in either a purple tone or green). Not a massive issue for me, as Sizing the window to my screen works just as well, which is something I have to do with most emulators in Win 8.1 anyways.
    I like the rewind function. Used to use that in zsnes, but yours is much more entertaining to watch lol
    Awesome job with this. Now if I could just figure out how to use the .cht files.

  4. Any news on when a new version of J2k will be release?

    Only asking cause I would like to direct my users to use your program for better joystick support for my game Terrordrome.

    It would also be nice if there was a way to get the program to launch minimized I tried using a batch file command but it doesn’t work.

    1. Hi Bradley,

      thanks for your feedback. It could take a few days, until I pick up development on J2K as I’m currently working on something else. I put “start minimized” on the TO-DO list 😉


      — MK2k

    1. Talking about J2K? Well, it doesn’t support mapping joystick/gamepad input to mouse events.

      May I ask, why you would do that? Why not use a mouse or trackpad?

  5. Freaking nice toy!!
    but could you add an option to map multiple (in my case 2) controllers?

  6. Hello;
    The last build of Gens+ causes graphic corruption in fullscreen (at least on Windows 10 x64).

    I though I could install Visual Studio Community 2015 and recompile it, but while I managed to set the pragma to remove the deprecation warnings, there are at least two problems that I don’t know how to solve, since I don’t use VS at all.

    One is that the VGMOptimizer sub-project fails to import properly. Other is Gens itself, due to the suilding scripts failing somehow. I can’t find the error itself, only a notification of a cmd.exe error during build, which I don’t know how to fix.

    Could you find the problem and upgrade the project? I hope that compiling against the latest version of DX9, it sould start working properly again in full screen.

    If you can’t reproduce the bug, I’m willing to help to debug it.

    1. Hi Rubén,

      Gens+ REWiND is integrated in the Gens Client of RetroAchievements, maybe have a look at those sources: https://github.com/RetroAchievements/RASuite

      Actually I abandoned the Gens+ REWiND project, because RetroArch implements rewind functionality in almost all its cores including SEGA cores 🙂


      — MK2k

  7. Hey Rubén, thanks for j2k! I use it with RealFlight 7 to reset the game. Works perfect for me.

  8. Hi,

    I would appreciate it would someone tell me how I could try to fix an error message that I am receiving with the RaGens Rewind Emulator.

    Here is the error message “cannot access retroachievements.org – working offline”

    All of the games are working ok, However the Achievements will not work because of the error message.

    Mathiew Burkett

  9. Somehow the 32x emulation is not working, i tried to play Virtua Racing Deluxe, but the app is responding with my 32x bios is not configured, but in the options menu I see the connection to 32x files.

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